• How to Re-apply for New Aadhaar Card | Get Duplicate Aadhar Card Guide

    How to get a Duplicate Aadhaar Card

    Many Aadhaar card holders have complained about rejection of their application in context of Aadhaar update application. This is happening right after the enrollment process started at UIDAI Portal. You should know that there are several reasons for this but you can still apply again for new Aadhaar Card. In this article, we will go through the potential reasons of rejection and entire process of reapplying.

    How to Re-apply for New Aadhaar Card | Get Duplicate Aadhar Card Guide

    Potential Reasons for Aadhaar Application Rejection

    • You might have given incorrect supporting document.
    • Your application form is still on hold.
    • UIDAI perhaps could not verify your supporting documents.
    • Your biometric verification could not be substantiated.
    • You may have given incorrect information in your Aadhaar application form.
    • Your application may have rejected as there is already an enrollment made on your biometric or demographics in the UIDAI database.
    • Your Aadhaar application could not be found.

    So now, you have clear idea why your application has been rejected. Now the time is to apply again for enrollment but make sure you do not commit any mistake keeping in view the rejection reasons.

    Re-Apply for Aadhaar Card Enrollment

    Reapplying the Aadhaar card is same as applying for fresh enrollment. You can apply either online or offline but you have to take good care of your application this time as you might had entered incorrect information earlier.

    • Download the Aadhaar enrollment form online and read the entire form and all fields carefully before filling them.
    • Now start filling the necessary details including name, address, mobile number, pin code, consent, gender, age, district, TIN/NPR receipt and Pre-Aadhaar EID.
    • Provide your photograph, biometric details and iris scan of both eyes to Aadhaar Card Kendra.
    • Fill all the form in capital / uppercase letters.
    • Do not use lowercase or overwrite.
    • After the form is ready, handover the application to Aadhaar official and ask them to double check all the fields. In case of any mistake, they will guide you properly to correct it.
    • Provide the supporting documents to UIDAI official and ask them if they are eligible or not.
    • Lastly, submit your aadhaar application to Aadhaar Card Kendra.

    Check Aadhar Application Submitted or Not

    After submitting the application, you need to check and confirm whether your application is submitted or not. This is a simple process to check your aadhaar status online.

    If there is any further issue or query then let us know in the comment box below and we will try to come up with applicable solution shortly. To know more info click ssup aadhar self service update portal

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